Forensic Entomology

Comprehensive analysis of entomological evidence from crime scenes.

Forensic Entomology

The science of forensic entomology is multidisciplinary.  It involves the fields of insect taxonomy, physiology, genetics, acarology, population dynamics, ecology, and statistics. Forensic Entomologists are dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of crime scenes using the smallest but most telling clues—bugs. Expert entomologists and forensic scientists combine their extensive knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to provide accurate, reliable, and timely analysis of insect evidence.

Forensic Entomology is a pivotal field in forensic science, utilizing the study of insects to uncover crucial information at crime scenes. Our experts analyze insect evidence to determine timelines, locations, and circumstances of criminal activities.

Join us in exploring the intricate world of forensic entomology and discover how the smallest creatures can provide the biggest clues in solving crimes.

 Although entomological evidence is most often use to establish a portion of the postmortem interval in human and animal death, it often involves food product contamination cases, and urban entomology. Utilize this website as a reference as you explore the science behind forensic entomology.